Saturday, November 12, 2011

hot items

Many shoppers are reliving their childhoods with the purchase of vintage toys.  Old metal or cast iron cars, trucks etc. are among the most desirable.  Recent auctions would indicate the economy isn't affecting the purchase price for many bidders who are adding to collections or buying with the desire to enhance the decor in their homes.  Maybe American Pickers, Picker Sisters and other antique themed programs are adding to the awareness of how much fun it is to have unique and one of a kind items as part of their overall house design.  Even older Fisher Price toys are bringing high prices.  In other words, don't throw anything away!  Our grandsons are enjoying playing with their dad's and uncles' Little People, airport, shopping mall and parking garage that have survived since the 1970s. 

little cars and trucks at Exit 55

A well loved old pedal car at Exit 55

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