Saturday, November 26, 2011

occasional sales

One disadvantage of living in outstate MN, is that we only visit occasional sales in Twin Cities area about twice a year.  Just had the opportunity over Thanksgiving to visit two.  Have been to Cottage House ( chicago Ave.) earlier in spring and found it to be just as much fun as I remembered.  Had to stand back as furniture went flying out  the door while other pieces were brought in to fill spaces.  It is really amazing how painted furniture is still attracting a multitude of buyers.  Of course, the reasonable prices probably have something to do with it!  In speaking to two dealers, it is apparent it's becoming more difficult to find items that can be refurbished and turn a profit.  Cudos to those folks----"you're doing a great job."   I received permission to link this blog to their facebook page so looking forward to expanding our reach!  The second visit was to the Pink Flamingo which is on Cedar Ave in Mpls.  This shop carries a few more collectible type things, as well as some mid century modern items tucked in.  The folks here are also most helpful and accommodating and so both experiences provided a very enjoyable morning, even though it was drippy and overcast.

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