Friday, December 30, 2011

older boys toys!

Some of our best customers are men who buy things that remind them of their childhood, to add to a collection or just because.  They are really taken with old farm tractors etc. and other die cast toys still in boxes, or not.  Before Christmas a lady came in to look through our many booths with old rusty toys and found something she really wanted to buy because her husband had mentioned how much he liked it.  BUT----she who hesitates loses.  The very next day a guy came in who bought that old grader with white wheels, plus several other beat up old cast toys. Guess what, she came back ready to buy and it was gone.
Stock truck and Tonka are on the other guy's shelves.

other fun boys' toys

the fellow on the left has left the building.
I guess the lesson learned is when you see something you really like buy it because you may not see another one like it.  Men usually don't hesitate or worry about what their wives are going to say.  Come on ladies buy it, you'll like it!

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