Saturday, December 3, 2011


These novelty radios can be found at  Yesterdays in Alexandria.  What fun for a collector of unusual radios, or cars, or BARBIE memorabelia.  Either of these radios would be perfect for the one of a kind person who needs a one of a kind gift!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gail hits more homeruns!

Creative Gail at Yesterdays Antiques in Alexandria, Mn. must stay up all night thinking of new and exciting things to make with repurposed tools, hardware and architectural items.  She also has helper elves called: "husband" and "son".  One of the pictured items sold as I was taking pictures, but she will be adding more fun pieces to the inventory as fast as her crew can work to keep up with the demand!!  Way to go Gail.

early Weller

This is an early Weller pottery piece in the Flemishware pattern.  It is a hanging bowl in beautiful earth tones with a touch of rose.  It would make a wonderful addition to an established collection, or could be the center piece of a new found interest in this much sought after pottery.  You will also note the very old Schoenhut doll from an estate in addition to a Grafton, North Dakota vaseline glass souviner vase.                                                           Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, Mn

Monday, November 28, 2011

pretty perky pottery!

What's not to like about such an assortment of color and form?  Mid century modern has had a resurgence (another re- word!) in the past several years.  Some shops in the twin cities carry only this look, in addition to  individual dealers who have discovered  a market for objects  someone's grandmother, mother, aunt etc etc may have decorated their homes with.  Todays grandmas didn't necessarily grow up in a log cabin with no electricity, running water or (gasp) a TV or phone------present day grannys are a lot hipper!  Anyway, McCoy, Van Briggle, Haeger, West German, Italian, Red Wing pieces can still be found for reasonable prices  and aren't they fun?   PS:  from a private collection.