Wednesday, December 7, 2011

more oldies but goodies donations

In one of my earlier conversations, I described some of the items that were donated to the Grant County Historical Society for the fundraising event called the oldies but goodies sale.  Here are more pictures of some items on display at the museum in Elbow Lake, Mn.  One great piece is the Roseville Magnolia pattern  8" bowl.  How great that would look in your china cabinet or special cupboard.  You will find jewelry,  lovely postcards or greeting cards and a variety of small items.   In addition to the antiques and vintage pieces,  there are a number of books, Norwegian collectibles, T shirts, plates, mugs etc.  which would make perfect gifts for anyone on your birthday, Christmas, or anniversary list.  Or, why not treat yourself to something special---everyone needs an attitude adjustment day now and then!  Visit the museum and see for yourself.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

signs of the times

slippery when wet and  pepsi sign are no longer available.
No, I'm not referring to the song by Prince whats his name.  Signs have become a great decorating technique or just a way to express opinions or create a fun theme.  We meet lots of people who are looking for specific items such as porcelain kitchen signs (those are hard to find!)  Or some want beer related types, whether they light up or have clocks or advertise a particular brand.  We have had lots of folks looking to make their laundry rooms more fun or guys trying to decorate their "manrooms"    ( some are taking exception to the term mancave and can't say I blame them----boring)  Anyway, whatever your ideas , signs are fun, colorful, come in many sizes  and can make a statement if you're trying to make one!  Many dealers in particular antique shops are specializing in this collectible.  One shop to check out in Mpls is Hunt and Gather which has some awesome examples.

tickle your fancy

Must admit I don't decorate in the mid century mode, but there are certain elements that just tickle my fancy and this light is one of those things.  This little light makes such a statement with its glistening and shining in a dark room.  It's one of those moody images that just make you feel good.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coke Is It!

The Pause that Refreshes, Can't beat the Real thing, Things go Better with Coke, Coke is it etc. etc.  Coca Cola has been around since the early 1900s and every year there seems to be a new slogan along with new collectors.  The bright colored graphics, attractive signs and the good taste of coke has continued to attract new fans of the product.  In the picture, you will see a ca 1950s trolly car sign.  It is approximately 2' x 4' and is made of heavy duty cardboard.  BUT-----it is 2 sided.  So, when you're tired of looking at one pretty girl, just flip it over and enjoy a different scene.  In addition to the sign you will also find an easel backed stand up Santa as well as a menu board with the Coke logo.  These items are available for purchase at Yesterdays in Alexandria.  Check them out!