Friday, December 30, 2011

older boys toys!

Some of our best customers are men who buy things that remind them of their childhood, to add to a collection or just because.  They are really taken with old farm tractors etc. and other die cast toys still in boxes, or not.  Before Christmas a lady came in to look through our many booths with old rusty toys and found something she really wanted to buy because her husband had mentioned how much he liked it.  BUT----she who hesitates loses.  The very next day a guy came in who bought that old grader with white wheels, plus several other beat up old cast toys. Guess what, she came back ready to buy and it was gone.
Stock truck and Tonka are on the other guy's shelves.

other fun boys' toys

the fellow on the left has left the building.
I guess the lesson learned is when you see something you really like buy it because you may not see another one like it.  Men usually don't hesitate or worry about what their wives are going to say.  Come on ladies buy it, you'll like it!

A Little of This A Little of That

Not one, but two chairs with
ottomans!  Upholstry is clean , not worn.
Ready to brighten your
living space.  one chair has sold.

A fun collection of vintage food containers to brighten
up your kitchen.
A wagon load of vintage games
with colorful graphics.
The red wagon has gone to a new home
in North Dakota! 


Wonderful cast bookends by Bradley & Hubbard
Foundry  Ca 1930s.  Spinning Scene


We are soon welcoming in a new year so have yourselves a joyous 2012!  We have been seeing lots of December traffic at Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, which is a wonderful way to end 2011.  Many pictures of items taken in the past couple of weeks, contain items that have sold----which is a good thing, but guess I should have been more diligent in getting pictures posted.  Oh well, the dealers are very happy!  Hope you enjoy perusing the photos of interesting and useful merchandise we have available.  New things are added daily/weekly since there are 12 dealer spaces.  Since we have no snow, there shouldn't be a lot of cabin fever but it's never too early to shop for great stuff.  I call that attitude adjustment and who doesn't need that now and then?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remodeled farm house

This charming house with a big front porch didn't used to look like this at all.  It was home to a very large family for many years and was showing its age when the present owners decided it was the ideal   location for a shop and proceeded to completely redo the interior as well as the exterior.  Weekend Cottage is conveniently situated east of Clearwater, north of Becker and Big Lake and south of St. Cloud.  Lake people make it a regular stop both coming and going from their weekend retreats.  This shop has also attracted a regular following of shoppers from the twin cities.  So this little house with its out building called the Lodge/aka garage is a busy place from Friday to Sunday all year. A group of about 15 dealers fill it to the brim with interesting and unique goodies which make this a must stop for treasure hunters.