Friday, January 27, 2012


I would like to recommend a series of historical novels written about the area I introduced you to in Echos Across the Prairie.  Candace Simar discovered her  great-grandfather drove a stagecoach along the Abecrombie Trail and includes stories about the Sioux Uprising of 1862 in her third book, Pomme de Terre.  Since my relatives settled in Pomme de Terre Village and I have conducted tours to the school as well as to the Fort Pomme de Terre site, I have done extensive genealogical research as well as studied newspapers and personal accounts in order to offer a perspective of life in the 1870s and 80s as it pertained to the early settlers.  My family was not of Norwegian descent as the characters in the books are, but I believe that all those who ventured to Grant County during those years, shared a common experience and worked together to create new lives in Mn.  Imagine the cacephony of languages as neighbor helped neighbor and teachers tried to teach eager children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  The Grant County Museum has copies of : Birdie, Abecrombie Trail, Pomme de Terre.


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    1. The books are a fast fun read with characters the reader can relate to. Loved the idea that books would be written about times and events that aren't ever going to be found in a formal history text. Also, because my family settled in the area, it made them even more special.