Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fine art it "ain't"

We have more selections of fun paint by number art work
at Exit 55 in Fergus.  One of a kind art work!
Who would have thought paint by number pictures would become collectible?  As the saying goes, what goes around comes around and it certainly is true when talking about many hobbies, fads and collectibles.  Just think about those Beanie Babies and the prices people used to pay for them!  Anyway, here we have some paint by numbers for those who are artistically challenged.  If you could count, stay within lines-----presto, instant art.  What fun to decorate with kitschy stuff.  Our neice, once upon a time, went on a mission at Scotts Antique Show in Atlanta,  money in hand, with one purpose----to buy a paint by number.  Hope she held on to that prize and keeps it in her hope chest because some day it might be worth-------------------------------

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  1. She's still got that paint-by-number! She loves it! Love your blog!