Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the wild side.

This picture of roe deer was done by a European
artist.   Interesting design on frame.

Bye Bye, Mr. Buck!

Someone is now using this fish for bragging rights.
People are always looking for items to decorate dens, rec rooms, cabins etc. etc.  They really like the unusual and are often drawn to fish, fowl and animals.  Since some critters that have been to the taxidermist are not supposed to be sold in antique stores, we can still provide the option of wooden decoys (ducks or fish) as well as mounted deer heads with awesome racks.   I have noticed that people conducting occasional sales are big into using antlers as decorative pieces in various ways.  For instance, several sets are lashed together with leather and used with candles or many are placed in a large bowl to be used on end tables or as centerpieces.  Then there are the huge chandliers made from antlers or hides used to upholster chairs and ottomans.  We even have unusual pictures that can become conversation pieces either as a single focal point or as part of a grouping.  There's no accounting for taste or imagination but we're happy to oblige.

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