Monday, January 30, 2012


Primitives usually have such interesting patinas and often have wonderful stories to tell, which in antiquesque language is "provenance."  Often customers like to know the history of a piece so they have an idea of who, what, where and when.  I have had favorite antiques over the years which I was hesitant to sell unless I knew it was going to a good home where it was  going to be loved  for its uniqueness or quirkiness.  Because, above all, primitives are often one of a kind items.  I have shared some things that came to me through a sister in law of my son.  We had just added on a dining room/future family room and before the builder was out of the drive way, I was single handedly hauling the wonderful green cupboard up the stairs and placed against the perfect wall.  The funky bird cage was also part of the truck full of stuff,  as well as other accent pieces.  She enjoyed decorating her home with them and now I can assure her that they are well loved in my home.  The egg counter was formerly a meat counter in the old Red Owl store in Elbow Lake.  A friend bought it from a family member and was another one of those serendipity moments for me-----perfect for my house and local history to boot.  I have collected "chicken" stuff for several years and love it.  This is my little corner of country living.

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