Friday, January 20, 2012

A novel feed sack

I really enjoy collecting colorful feed/flour sacks just for fun.  However, I have found over the years they make beautiful accessories in any room in the house.  There are devoted treasure seekers who agree with me and have shared their end products with me.  Novelty patterns and designs are particularly sought after by quilt makers or to make pillows, curtains, market bags etc.  There is a book devoted to these collections called:  "Vintage Feed Sacks"  by Susan Miller.  There are also some wonderful sites on line that are really helpful and informative.  The piece with the kitties that I am featuring here, has been sold on ebay twice---both times for over $100.00.  I found my opened bag at a garage sale for $1.00!  Can't beat that for a deal.  In the past, I also sold novelty sacks with rabbits and the lady who bought them was utterly thrilled to find this pattern.  Beautiful feed sack quilts can be seen at the Grant County Historical Museum in Elbow Lake, Mn  which featured a special display.

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