Thursday, January 5, 2012


These cute little shoes come under the category of: awwwwww   The neat red boots are embossed with a flower type design and have pull up tabs for little fingers to get a grip for pulling them on.  They are called Weather Bird thrift and according to what I could find on line, they were made by the Peters Co. (same ones who made guns?) ca 1930s.  They  were listed for sale on vintage gun and western sites for $150.00!  The second pair is a primitive example of handmade clog shoes, again for little feet.  They have iron attached to the heel and sole areas to make lots of noise, I'm sure.  These are currently sitting on my shelf while I determine if I might like to start a collection of childrens' foot wear.  Two could be the beginning of a collection, don't you think?. 

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