Wednesday, February 15, 2012

event planners R US

     Now and then we get requests from various individuals or committees to borrow something "old."  We have provided props for school plays, church dinners or luncheons, various workshops, community theater, parades and family get togethers to name a few.  Often young people will arrive with list in hand and permission slips from adult supervisors asking very sincerely if they can borrow items for a special project.  Usually, by the time they're ready to leave, they have fallen into infatuation with particular items they've seen.  We as dealers, should be jumping for joy that another generation has discovered the uniqueness of  collectibles and antiques!  We even provided a complete 1940s outfit for a competition for Miss Something:  head to toe she looked fabulous.  AND she won!
      We also have many brides-to-be who frequently look for vintage dresses, jewelry or other treasures that will make their wedding day even more memorable.  One young woman shopped for months for anything with lillies of the valley, another found a mink stole for her winter wedding, and just recently a girl came in and spent over an hour looking for things she liked for the wedding as well as things she might like for her new home.  How fun is that!

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  1. Thanks for your recent comments on Sisters Treasures. As I read your blog, it was interesting to see similar ideas. Betsy has wanted to get into the vintage event rental business. We have also had clothes and props purchased for school and community productions. We thought that we could focus on weddings and photographers. Thanks for following our blog. Elaine