Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of our sons sent us an article about two young men who inherited a collection of comic books from their aunt who passed away recently.  They had been stored in a basement after her husband died a number of years ago.  If you go to Heritage Auctions and check out the prices realized for  rare issues of comics, the young men are laughing all the way to the bank.  Unbelievable estimates for little magazines  kids used to stand in the drugstores across America reading, or trading or just tossing under the bed. ( I speak from experience having 3 boys.)  This also brings me to the sad but true stories of mom's who threw away or gave away hundreds of comics once the "boy" left home. (ask my husband)  There were also lots of baseball cards that suffered the same fate.  When we moved, I put all of the stuff and nonsense saved in the attic over the years into black garbage bags and our kids received them as gifts the last Christmas we spent in that house.  We still joke that you aren't part of the family unless you get gifts in black garbage sacks.  However:  don't expect to get a million dollars worth of comics or baseball cards!

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