Thursday, February 23, 2012

Renovation Relics

Camera is on last legs so hence the grouping.  Table possibly from
school shop class, cast iron water trough and hooks, 2 metal ladders
great primitive treenware bowl and rolling pin?

Handy and colorful items for wall art or adding to old wood
headers for hangers, blue pot cut down from ???

Thinking this is the kind of stuff American Pickers might choose!
Yellow items are from civil defense siren, old fan for funky wall
art, wire basket, iron gate from livestock truck.  Imagination central!

Love this stool----maybe from shop class or assembly line?
In earlier posts I told you about our road trip to several antique stores.  I had so much fun discovering things that are out of the norm for antique dealers.  Read an article recently in which the author lamented the fact that people were purchasing more items for decorating than for collecting and saving.  But, times they are a-changing so we had better get on the band wagon and find the funky stuff customers are looking for.  Not to say different styles and eras can't be combined for a one of a kind look.  Lots more folks are looking to reuse and repurpose both for inside and out.  Had a "garden junk" sign that hadn't sold so brought it home yesterday and will keep it for myself.   My long term dream has been to turn an unused former summer kitchen shed into a fun place to display old tools, gardening gear etc. and this sign is perfect!    Anyway, most of the items pictured will be used in an industrial/rusty relic display at Exit 55 Antiques very soon.  Our partners just returned from a family visiting, antique buying trip south so they have some awesome things to encorporate.  Email me if you have questions, follow along if you enjoy my blog and thanks to the new followers for signing up!


  1. Love all of your treasures:) The stool is great. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello.I am your newest follower and will be back to see what you are up too. Hope you are having a great weekend:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Do you have the rest of the siren? How much for the horns?