Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stuff for that man's cave

LWJ has 2 of these electrified Schlitz lights----
really cool!

Decoys literally "fly" out the door and these well worn, well
used fellas attest to the fact they are probably from the
40s or 50s.

All set for game night!
Seems lots of folks are still after those decorating touches that scream MAN CAVE!  Some guys have proclaimed they are sick and tired of the term and refuse to even admit they are  looking for things to fill those special get aways that are more than a den but not a family room.  Several of the dealers at Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus have a few items that just might fill the space on the wall or find a place on a bar in the rec room?   Many of our manly men come back often to scope out the new merchandise to add to their collections and to decorate those non-caves.


  1. Hello Fellow MN antiquer and blogger! Nice to meet you and I've just "followed" you!
    Duck decoys sure do sell well.
    Have a nice Sunday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by----wish I could find more decoys!

  2. Say Schlitz lights fast three times! haha! Love those decoys. I love checking out the man stuff!

    1. saying Schmitz lights 3 times might be a good party game??? So glad you visited! Thanks