Saturday, March 10, 2012


No 2 way traffic here!

Lansboro, Mn is a bikers destination

An Amish farmhouse with a pretty blue door.

Enlarge the pix for a closeup of this entry on 1859 house St. Charles, Mn
For non- Minnesotans, their impressions of our state may have to do with snow and cold. However, there are wonderful hidden areas of Minnesota that beckon to those who love hills, valleys and the history associated with them.  Southeastern Mn is just such a spot which offers trails for hiking or biking in addition to winding roads with one lane bridges for travelers in vehicles. Many state natives probably haven't ventured into the beautiful small towns that dot the countryside and don't know what they're missing. In many of these small towns are really nice antique shops which are worth the effort to get off beaten paths to see and to find the treasures which await.  Lansboro, Harmony, Fountain, Canton, Chatfield, Eyota, St Charles are some of the names of towns that are quaint and filled with beautiful old buildings. In addition this is in the middle of Amish country so there are tours and many shops that carry wonderful handmade furniture in addition to quilts, aprons and other accessories. When glaciers covered our state, they deposited the rocks and debris in this area as they melted,  which accounts for the wild but awesome topography. So in addition to fantastic geological history, the early settlers in this area brought goods and household items that are much sought after today. This really is an antiquers hunting ground!

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  1. I ccompletely agree! I have seen a good portion of the U.S. and Southeastern Minnesota with it's rolling hills and quaint towns is one of my favorite places!