Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm a bag lady

I really enjoy using a variety of bags for carry-alls when I'm out and about.  As a teacher, my bag was very utilitarian and usually held about 10 lbs of books, papers etc. so no cutsey stuff there. Paper or plastic at the grocery store doesn't do it for me either.  I'm talking cloth ones that food staples used to come in during the days of the country general store.  Wardrobes for an entire family were sewn from many patterned prints, as well as curtains, quilts, pillows and much more.  I read a story about a mom using sacks with advertisements for her children's underwear because it wasn't going to show unless someone bent over too far and the words flour or sugar appeared across their bottoms.  Wives sent their husbands to the store or flour mill with instructions to bring back certain designs or enough bags to make multiple pieces of clothing.  My daughter in law has started creating fun bags from various types of bags/sacks and I chose one for myself early on.  Can I do a plug?  Check out CarrieM24 on etsy and see some others she has done in addition to an earlier blog I wrote.  Pictures aren't the best today due to excessive sunlight.  Also, apparently lots of you like aqua---many visits to my blog yesterday!
Bag on the left holds tons of stuff, one on right is for I Pad!

Future pillows.  From Wells, Mn on right

Hard to see, but adorable.  Fluffing her dress in back.
Thanks so much.


  1. So cute!! You've inspired me to go through my fabric stash to make some bags.

  2. I love old linens too! How fun to make bag out of them. I have a "stash" for that project and haven't touched in! One os these days! LOL!}

  3. Thos are very cool. I'll go check out her etsy store.

  4. OK, checked her out. She has lots of neat stuff. Love the purples she has. You could put her on your sidebar if you wanted. Not that I know how to do it, but I've seen it on other people's blogs.