Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love that garden junk!

cool roof ridge cap, huge spring, wire baskets, garden fence

The tin finial have a new home.

Little green cabinet has a new home.

Happy bright sunny Sunday to everyone.  Cathy and I finally got our "finds" into a display at Exit 55 Antiques last Wednesday when a snow storm brought enough snow to close schools and stop folks from getting around roads and streets without becoming stuck.  HOWEVER, that didn't stop these intrepid antiquers from braving the elements to get the goods out for our customers.  My hubby and I worked yesterday and it was interesting to watch customers' reactions as they came in and were met with an array of things they normally don't find in our shop.  If you look closely under the display on top of the seed counter there is a carpet runner protecting the finish---someone bought that yesterday and the dealer working had to dismantle the whole display. Yikes--thanks LM!   I know there are lots of friends into the rustic look so this is for all of you who like to play in the garden or decorate your houses to bring a smile.  Some of the rusty goods are from Texas, including the roof ridge cap and other tin pieces that we normally don't see around this neck of the woods.  Have a fun time perusing the goodies.  Questions? Comments?  Become a follower!  I'd love to hear from you!

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