Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage furniture meant to last!

Victorian marble top dresser is sold.

nice oak dresser with hat box

I call this one the Queens Chair

Wonderful folk art style or tramp art look rocking chair.
So glad to see that more vintage furniture, whether painted or left in its natural finish is making its way into many homes of younger people.  If some of these wonderful pieces have lasted 50-100 yrs. there's a good chance it will survive through another go around.  Our three sons grew up with things from great grandparents and learned to treat them with respect.  Even though  they are all over 6 ft tall, the only items that didn't survive so well were dining chairs!  We learned to buy heavy oak reproduction ones to take care of that issue.  They actually all have pieces  from my house, as well as my mom's so another generation is living with antiques.  Our four yr. old grandson has taken to "playing" estate sale and even makes tags for the things he and his mommy found.(mommy made in Mn)  The 11 yr. old used to use monopoly money to buy special toys at our former shop, Ashby Village Antiques which had a special room for toys. At about 4 or 5 he told his grandpa that he knew the money wasn't real but he would pay it back some day.  We left the tags on the cars, trucks etc. and just returned them to the shelves afer the weekend visit!  Hope you see some things that would look good in your house.  Enjoy!  These pices all found at Exit 55 In Fergus Falls.

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