Sunday, March 25, 2012

vintage retro style toys

beautiful graphics on paper goods 1930s-40s  Exit 55

Beautiful old ferris wheel toy.

This is located Yesterdays in Alexandria

Yesterdays in Alexandria, Mn
I love collecting toys and children's books but have come to the point where something has to go.  Does this have anything to do with being a teacher and loving kid stuff?  I also saved toys my three sons played with as children and our two young grandsons have enjoyed discovering Fisher Price little people plus the airport, garage etc.  They also were smitten briefly with GI Joes until the newer flashier action figures grabbed their attention.  We try to buy things that we won't mind keeping in a collection if buyers don't see the same charm in them that we do.  I also include dolls in this grouping---guess we won't even go there, although I have been selling more lately and I think it has to do with the new craze of altered states!!!  If you're not familiar with this idea, think doll head on a tea pot, a flower pot or a kitchen tin decorated with all manner of strange stuff.  I think they're fun and fully intend to try a couple for myself!  And so it goes---another generation of kids learn to play with old treasures and appreciate their special colors and graphics.


  1. Very charming!! Is that a glider of some sort in the center?

  2. I love looking at old toys, and collect children's books from the 1930's-60's (old Nancy Drew's from the 30's, Hardy Boys, Dr. Suess, Trixie Belden's, the Happy Hollisters, Lassie books) that I enjoyed reading when I was a kid.

    1. My husband is the book and old comic book guy and I sort of go for both toys and books so we have lots of fun hunting!

  3. I love old toys...I used to collect them and display them in my kids rooms...but now they are getting older and want to decorate themselves...sniff, sniff :)
    Do you sell at Yesterday's in Alex? My "in-laws" live in Alexandria and I try to sneak over the Yesterdays when we visit! So glad you stopped I could find you too. Chat soon, Laurel

  4. we are in Yesterdays! we also are at Exit 55 in Fergus Falls and Weekend Cottage in Clear Lake (3 miles off 94) so we manage to stay busy!