Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whats the story in Story City?

Must share pictures and comments about the antique mall in Story City, Iowa, called Antiques Iowa.  It is a huge mall with a wonderful assortment of vintage and collectibles for your viewing and buying pleasure.  We spent several hours perusing the goods and could have gone back again and again.  Lots to see and absorb.  For example: beautifully displayed antique tools, cabin/country goods, lots of vintage feed sacks plus oodles of primitives----both smalls, cupboards and other furniture.  Actually, took pictures of several booths maintained by Carter Station, dealers with multiple booths.  Sorry, can't ID the booth with feed sacks, although I bought several items.  If you love paper and books, there was a wide selection.  More formal furniture in room style vignettes. Many dealers had special short term sales, possibly for weekend.  Well worth the stop but plan to spend some time  in order to see it all!  Managed to snare some fun items.


  1. Hi, I am Sandy from 521 Lake Street, you mentioned you might have a couple of the Ruth E Newton dolls? Could you email me at and let me know...also what colors they are? Thanks! Sandy

  2. Will get back to you next week as per my email. Thanks for visiting!