Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aasness Antique Auction

Tins were a hot commodity.

fabulous firescreen

Two fine pine pieces: dresser, washstand 

This was in mint condition with drawers intact. 

Spent Fri evening plus all day Saturday at another fabulous auction featuring items from a collector who had spent many years adding to and living with wonderful antiques.  Cary Aasness related that over time he had sold her many pieces when there used to be farm sales featuring the homestead keepsakes of everyday
living and that now he felt privileged to be asked to send her treasures on their way again.  This auction was also on proxibid, but as the listed items sold, it was apparent there were buyers in the audience who weren't going to let this opportunity to buy increasingly hard to find mint condition antiques slip away.  Some final bids were quite amazing, at least to me, but it only takes two to create a bidding frenzy! Aasness Auction
Company tends to attract some outstanding antique collections of all types so you may want to check out Midwest Auctions now and then or get on his mailing list.  No, I'm not getting a kick back-----I bought a few things that I'll share later on my business facebook page or here so be sure to check later.  We just know a good auctioneer when we see him/her and like to attend their sales.  Good hunting and bidding!!!
Lots of Red Wing stoneware for the collectors.

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