Monday, April 30, 2012

Fresh supplies for Yesterdays in Alexandria!

Once a week we make a trip to Alexandria with different merchandise to add to our booth at Yesterdays.  It's always fun to visit with Ron, Gale, Jeff or Carnie as they usually have updates on what's selling, interesting stories about encounters they've had and just talking shop.  In addition, there are always new displays and ideas to check out.  Interesting how dynamics can be so opposite in every shop and what sells in one, doesn't necessarily go in another---that's why we like to be able to rotate inventory.  Hope those of you who are within driving distance of Fergus Falls, Alexandria and Clear lake in Minnesota, will take the opportunity to do some real antique shopping in this beautiful lake area.  Bring your fishing poles just in case you'd like to stop for a few days.  Opening fishing on Mom's Day weekend----hey great gift!  Just hand her the check book and she can entertain herself looking for treasures.  But then, there's always lay away!!!!
Nice shabby style hanging mirror/ comb pocket/towel bar.

Colors are wonderful in this camp blanket.

cute little chippy youth chair minus the bread board.

Beautiful aqua chenille bedspread/flowers!

This sweet little purse is signed and in mint condition.

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