Sunday, April 22, 2012


Fulda, Mn

Granite Falls, Mn

Okoboji , Iowa

Red Rock, Iowa
Just can't get enough of searching for treasures---but we do seem to head farther afield looking for those elusive just perfect items. Spent 5 days in SW Mn, NW Iowa and Western South Dakota, following I-29 from the Tea and Canton area up to Brookings and then home.  Our business partners had never been to some of our favorite shops so returned to several we had been in only 3 weeks before.  BUT, of course, we managed to find some more goodies to fill the truck!  On my business facebook page, I mentioned several things that really peeve us---advertising for shops that have gone out of business or that aren't open when the brochures or internet say they are.  However, there seem to be others cropping up and occasional sales galore.  We didn't get to the Benson flea market event in Sioux Falls on the weekend, due to a pulled leg muscle, so will have to try in the fall.  The truck and van were pretty much loaded so guess our efforts were rewarded.  Now as my hubby says:  SELL  SELL SELL.

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  1. WOW..that sounds FUN..can't wait to see all the treaures!!! I think shopping is the best part of the business..the rest is WORK!