Thursday, April 12, 2012

A weekend at Weekend Cottage

Thought I needed to bring you up to speed on what's new at Weekend Cottage in Clear Lake.  In an earlier blog I described the three shops where we rent space.  Each time we spend our 1 day a month working here, we meet many new people coming from the "north" who either rent cabins or who have second homes in that area.  Always fun to compare notes and talk about antiques and collectibles.  Customers  are invariably interested in the history of the house and always amazed to learn that 9 children grew up in this  little farmhouse style home.  No doubt, it was in the country when it was first built and probably included acreage.  There are two sloped ceiling bedrooms upstairs and probably had two down with one bathroom, although I don't know the entire story of the remodeling that took place.  But this little house must have been bursting at the seams with eleven people going about their daily lives in such a small space.  Today it is bursting with goods to be sold and includes the yard, a porch and lodge (read 2 car garage) that are equally filled to the brim with treasures waiting for new owners. The Cottage is  open every weekend:  Fri - Sun and starting in May will be open 10 to 6 pm.  Okay, lake people and city people, now is the time to check out the goodies!!! 

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