Monday, May 21, 2012

Afternoon Delight in a Perfect Garden

If you follow my facebook, you will have seen some pix I took last week during a morning of garage saleing with my daughter in law.  After checking out some listed on line, we decided to "free lance" and just followed signs in an older well established neighborhood.  WOW, we came across a fabulous sale that is held twice a year in Anoka, plus they also do various local shows.  Much is handmade out of recyclable materials, including lots of reclaimed wood.  This couple is so clever and talented and I would love to have them in our Exit 55 shop in Fergus but----distance is a factor.  They were wonderfully welcoming, letting me take photos despite the fact they were really busy.  It's obvious that theirs is not such a well kept secret since it seemed there were lots of smart shoppers who had been to sales many times, including occasional salers? and dealers in shops?  Suggested they start an email list for those of us who would love to attend more of their back yard boutiques!  By the way, we are still warming up here in Mn so not lots of colorful blooms yet!

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