Monday, May 14, 2012

Bottles and more Bottles

Bottles bottles everywhere but not a drop in any.  Sometimes I wonder what the fascination is in collecting different types of bottles/glasses/jars etc.  But when looking through them, some have bubbles or strange little blurps as though a breath of air has been caught between layers of glass.  There are wonderful sites on line for seeking history and information on an assortment of styles and types of glass as well as the years in which they were blown or molded.  Imagine the history of an old bottle recovered from beneath an old saloon or pub.  Or---horrors can you picture yourself with shovel or trowel uncovering them from an outdoor biffie???  We live by a lake and when the water is low, we have walked the shoreline and found shards of crockery, stoneware and even small pieces of flow blue dishes.  Occasionally we find bottles as we walk through the woods.  We do know the location of an outdoor facility, but so far haven't ventured to find out what is buried beneath the flowers that bloom on the spot!  Relatives in Tacoma once hid many bottles of liquor and wine behind the basement walls during the depression and future owners were greatly surprised when they began to remodel for a family room!  Some bottles can be traced using the etched name of the company and city in which it originated others have preserved little bottles in collections.    Good hunting!

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