Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elaine's legacy

Old Lake Calhoun boat docking area---Minneapolis area

Outdoor market scene.
Elaine was my son's awesomely wonderful sweet mother in law who passed away last week after a number of years of declining health---she was 89.  Her legacy will live on through her creative talents: she was a gifted artist who tried her hand at many mediums and her family, old friends and neighbors have examples of her considerable output of artistic energy.  She was honored last week at a remembrance party since she had requested there be no funeral so her 3 daughters, son  and husband certainly provided a day to remember Elaine with fabulous food, ambiance, stories and lots of laughter, which is just the way she would have wanted it. Several people brought paintings that had been given in friendship years ago but had never been seen by her children so those added joy to the gathering.  Elaine and Mac visited us here at the lake a number of years ago and she was thrilled with the sparkling water.  I once sent a photo card which pictured our dock: her response was that her spirit flew right down and sat on the bench to enjoy the view.  I have saved every greeting card she sent for some 17 years because she always wrote a note on tablet paper tucked inside some wonderful photo which can be framed.  She was truly a vintage lady inside and out.

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  1. Elaine's paintings are so beautiful....the colors are spectacular. What a gifted woman! The world is missing a true artist.