Thursday, May 24, 2012


The other day I stopped at Pomme de Terre on my way to a nearby town to pick some lilacs that have been growing by the cemetery fence for many years. They are very woody and the blooms are not as perky as on newer bushes.  But, I love the aroma and knew it would permeate the house and our weekend fishing guests loved them.  I decided to take a picture of the back wall of the little brick school house where generations of children have gone to school.  I talked about it in Echos Across the Prairie and thought you might enjoy seeing the initials carved into the brick.  I like to believe the WS carved in several locations may have been done by my father, but several families in the past have had children with those very initials.  But, I can imagine my dad or as my sons used to call him "Boppie" wanting to leave a sign that he had indeed been there.  Sort of like a Kilroy was here message to all who come after!


  1. Lovely story. My father bought an engraving tool in the 70's and proceeded to spell out his entire name on all of his possessions. We laugh when we see it now all crocked scrawled across what would have been a fine antique. Coming from a family of ten children I'm sure this was a contributing factor in claiming his treasured items.