Monday, June 25, 2012

Unique Auction Finds

Not sure if it is a K9 collar or part of a military bridle?

Part of a vintage catcher's uniform.
Last weekend we attended an auction near my husband's hometown in southern Minnesota.  We always try to watch for sales of long time residents because there are usually items that are meaningful to him and his growing up days.  He likes to find things that advertise businesses or families that are no longer around and this time the family having the sale was familiar to him, in that he had gone to school with several of the children.  The father had a car dealership years ago in a small nearby town, but also was engaged in farming a large acreage, which  included  a spacious farmstead with lots of out buildings.  The buildings became the storage area for most of the family cast offs and out of date farm equipment.  People who lived during the Great Depression tended not to throw anything away so there were many things to be found.  Our treasures  included part of a vintage baseball catchers uniform without a shirt to identify the name of the team or town, and a puzzle----looked like a dog collar with a disc pin (an officer's?) which might be part of a bridle instead of an old K9 collar.  Will look forward to learning more about this.  The catcher's uniform was special because my husband was a catcher during high school as well as for that nearby town team for many years----who knows who might have worn this old baseball equipment!

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