Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sweet Rememberances

Recently, my childhood friend spent the night with us and included in the gathering were our kids, grandkids and the granddog.  She is used to activity since she has at least a dozen nieces and nephews with whom she is very close and they consider her an awesome Auntie so she  fits right in with our noisy and active crew!  We only see each other perhaps once a year, but each time it's as though we just spent time together the day before----friends can pick up where they left off at any time!  M.E. is the PERFECT hostess and PERFECT guest.  She always comes bearing gifts that are unique and special.  This time I was totally blown away with a thoughtfully selected treasure.  M.E.'s mother was our second grade teacher and I believe as she watched us grow,  some days she thought I was going to lead her girl into mischief.  Never----we just had innocent fun exploring life in a small town.  Anyway, Agnes Lynne, was an institution in Elbow Lake, having taught 1st grade for a kazillion years and eventually had several generations of families pass through  her classroom.  At some point she gave M.E.'s mom some little rememberances  and that is what I received as a hostess gift!  These sweet rememberances will remind me of Miss Lynne, Mrs. K and M.E. whenever I glance at them where they reside with many family keepsakes.  Thanks so much M.E.

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