Friday, October 12, 2012

My Van Briggle Collection

My collection of Van Briggle pottery started purely by chance when I saw a lovely turquoise/aqua bowl with lovely scalloped edges sitting on a hay rack at an auction many years ago.   Auction goers are familiar with that setting!  The piece just spoke to me and even though I had never had an inkling that pottery was my "thing", I leaned over and told my husband that it had to come home with me.  Actually, I wasn't familiar with the name and have done some research over the years as my collection has grown.  My family continues to add unusual pieces of this Van Briggle pottery so my one shelf , which has now increased to several,  including the top of a pie safe.  One of my sons spied a piece across a crowded room----actually a gymnasium where a fund raising garage sale was being held----and nearly leaped chairs to get to it.  What a deal at .50!  Another of my sons found several pieces on e-bay, but went to the end pages where he found prices about half of what was found on the first few.  Guess it pays to keep looking!  Got a sweet little bunny from a daughter in law so you see, everyone keeps their eyes out for those beautiful blue green pieces of art pottery.  Maybe I'm drawn to this color because my birth sign is Cancer with a toe into Gemini----maybe it's the ocean calling!

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  1. I have never heard of this pottery, or remember seeing it... It's beautiful. Now if I come across any I'll know what I'm looking at :D