Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the wild side.

This picture of roe deer was done by a European
artist.   Interesting design on frame.

Bye Bye, Mr. Buck!

Someone is now using this fish for bragging rights.
People are always looking for items to decorate dens, rec rooms, cabins etc. etc.  They really like the unusual and are often drawn to fish, fowl and animals.  Since some critters that have been to the taxidermist are not supposed to be sold in antique stores, we can still provide the option of wooden decoys (ducks or fish) as well as mounted deer heads with awesome racks.   I have noticed that people conducting occasional sales are big into using antlers as decorative pieces in various ways.  For instance, several sets are lashed together with leather and used with candles or many are placed in a large bowl to be used on end tables or as centerpieces.  Then there are the huge chandliers made from antlers or hides used to upholster chairs and ottomans.  We even have unusual pictures that can become conversation pieces either as a single focal point or as part of a grouping.  There's no accounting for taste or imagination but we're happy to oblige.

The Colonel doesn't live here anymore!

Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, Mn is another example of redesigning an old building for use as an antique shop. The former Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has proven to be a perfect spot.  Of course, location, location, location has something to do with our constant traffic.   People come in who remember when they used to order Colonel Sanders to go or to eat in.  A little paint inside, siding outside and a new roof were part of the rehab that took place.  Customers are always amazed how much stuff can be arranged in a not so big space.  A huge mall, we're not, but just right for those travelers who like to stop and shop for a while and then head out on I 94.   We often see them coming and going to whatever their destination. 

A Country Look Remodel

The exterior is usually decorated with seasonal or
"eye candy" to entice buyers in to sample the goodies!

The counter is made from wood rescued from an old grainery.
Topped with other old wood.

Another view of the front area with a cozy mix of old and new.
Look up and check out the salvaged scorched boards from
the original ceiling.

Another part of the shop using reclaimed lights as well as
examples of the primitive treasures available.

This wonderful carpenters bench along with several
vintage carpenter totes are ready for new homes.

Upholstered chairs and love seats can be special ordered.
Country decorating is at its best in remodeled, redesigned old buildings.  The Olde Farmhouse in Ashby, Mn is a wonderful example of how to recreate a feeling and look to complement the history of one of the oldest buildings on main street.  The owners spent lots of sweat hours to rehab old burned (!) or shall we say scorched boards for the ceiling and used reclaimed wood for the counter and wainscoating.  This building was last used as a medical clinic so many small waiting rooms needed to be transformed into more useable open spaces.  I have included some pictures of items that are examples of how to use new furnishings and decorating items to mix with vintage treasures.  Many of the shelves, tables and cupboards are handmade by the owners.  For the lover of primitives and country antiques, this shop will make you feel right at home.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Brown Leather Button Up Children's Shoes With by carriem24

Vintage Brown Leather Button Up Children's Shoes With by carriem24


These cute little shoes come under the category of: awwwwww   The neat red boots are embossed with a flower type design and have pull up tabs for little fingers to get a grip for pulling them on.  They are called Weather Bird thrift and according to what I could find on line, they were made by the Peters Co. (same ones who made guns?) ca 1930s.  They  were listed for sale on vintage gun and western sites for $150.00!  The second pair is a primitive example of handmade clog shoes, again for little feet.  They have iron attached to the heel and sole areas to make lots of noise, I'm sure.  These are currently sitting on my shelf while I determine if I might like to start a collection of childrens' foot wear.  Two could be the beginning of a collection, don't you think?. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fine art it "ain't"

We have more selections of fun paint by number art work
at Exit 55 in Fergus.  One of a kind art work!
Who would have thought paint by number pictures would become collectible?  As the saying goes, what goes around comes around and it certainly is true when talking about many hobbies, fads and collectibles.  Just think about those Beanie Babies and the prices people used to pay for them!  Anyway, here we have some paint by numbers for those who are artistically challenged.  If you could count, stay within lines-----presto, instant art.  What fun to decorate with kitschy stuff.  Our neice, once upon a time, went on a mission at Scotts Antique Show in Atlanta,  money in hand, with one purpose----to buy a paint by number.  Hope she held on to that prize and keeps it in her hope chest because some day it might be worth-------------------------------