Saturday, March 10, 2012


No 2 way traffic here!

Lansboro, Mn is a bikers destination

An Amish farmhouse with a pretty blue door.

Enlarge the pix for a closeup of this entry on 1859 house St. Charles, Mn
For non- Minnesotans, their impressions of our state may have to do with snow and cold. However, there are wonderful hidden areas of Minnesota that beckon to those who love hills, valleys and the history associated with them.  Southeastern Mn is just such a spot which offers trails for hiking or biking in addition to winding roads with one lane bridges for travelers in vehicles. Many state natives probably haven't ventured into the beautiful small towns that dot the countryside and don't know what they're missing. In many of these small towns are really nice antique shops which are worth the effort to get off beaten paths to see and to find the treasures which await.  Lansboro, Harmony, Fountain, Canton, Chatfield, Eyota, St Charles are some of the names of towns that are quaint and filled with beautiful old buildings. In addition this is in the middle of Amish country so there are tours and many shops that carry wonderful handmade furniture in addition to quilts, aprons and other accessories. When glaciers covered our state, they deposited the rocks and debris in this area as they melted,  which accounts for the wild but awesome topography. So in addition to fantastic geological history, the early settlers in this area brought goods and household items that are much sought after today. This really is an antiquers hunting ground!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm a bag lady

I really enjoy using a variety of bags for carry-alls when I'm out and about.  As a teacher, my bag was very utilitarian and usually held about 10 lbs of books, papers etc. so no cutsey stuff there. Paper or plastic at the grocery store doesn't do it for me either.  I'm talking cloth ones that food staples used to come in during the days of the country general store.  Wardrobes for an entire family were sewn from many patterned prints, as well as curtains, quilts, pillows and much more.  I read a story about a mom using sacks with advertisements for her children's underwear because it wasn't going to show unless someone bent over too far and the words flour or sugar appeared across their bottoms.  Wives sent their husbands to the store or flour mill with instructions to bring back certain designs or enough bags to make multiple pieces of clothing.  My daughter in law has started creating fun bags from various types of bags/sacks and I chose one for myself early on.  Can I do a plug?  Check out CarrieM24 on etsy and see some others she has done in addition to an earlier blog I wrote.  Pictures aren't the best today due to excessive sunlight.  Also, apparently lots of you like aqua---many visits to my blog yesterday!
Bag on the left holds tons of stuff, one on right is for I Pad!

Future pillows.  From Wells, Mn on right

Hard to see, but adorable.  Fluffing her dress in back.
Thanks so much.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Attracted to aqua.

Little clothespin dress bag "framed"

perfect for picnics

assortment of things to love for the kitchen

Two McCoy and one Ransbottom planters

Ice Cream chair to sit in and enjoy a cone!
Have noticed on various sites, including pinterest and blogs, that many people are in love with the color aqua, teal, blue-green etc. etc. I happen to be a cancer/on the edge of gemini so water colors appeal to me.  The birthstone for a Gemini is an aquamarine and life pursuit is to explore a little bit of everything---wow, love that idea.  Cancer has a moonstone ruled by the moon and life pursuit is constant reassurance and intimacy. hmmmmm  But a Cancer's element is water so guess it all fits.   Looked around Exit 55 and came up with some examples of fun items we have for sale in the aqua tones.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love that garden junk!

cool roof ridge cap, huge spring, wire baskets, garden fence

The tin finial have a new home.

Little green cabinet has a new home.

Happy bright sunny Sunday to everyone.  Cathy and I finally got our "finds" into a display at Exit 55 Antiques last Wednesday when a snow storm brought enough snow to close schools and stop folks from getting around roads and streets without becoming stuck.  HOWEVER, that didn't stop these intrepid antiquers from braving the elements to get the goods out for our customers.  My hubby and I worked yesterday and it was interesting to watch customers' reactions as they came in and were met with an array of things they normally don't find in our shop.  If you look closely under the display on top of the seed counter there is a carpet runner protecting the finish---someone bought that yesterday and the dealer working had to dismantle the whole display. Yikes--thanks LM!   I know there are lots of friends into the rustic look so this is for all of you who like to play in the garden or decorate your houses to bring a smile.  Some of the rusty goods are from Texas, including the roof ridge cap and other tin pieces that we normally don't see around this neck of the woods.  Have a fun time perusing the goodies.  Questions? Comments?  Become a follower!  I'd love to hear from you!