Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Little Riding Hood multitasks!

This little cutie has been with me for a while.  It resided on a shelf in my wall unit for many years, but decided to make space for other treasures.  I have searched high and low for Red Ridinghood collectibles and have never found this particular one.  Yes, she multitasks-----she entertains with her nodding head, offers a pincushion on her back for sewers or pretty pins, and she has a tapemeasure!  Who could ask for anything more?  If anyone has seen another or knows where I could find information, please let me know.  I may have to bring her home again if the right buyer doesn't show up before too long.  I can always make room on the shelf....  This picture is also going to be on my business facebook page, because it's so unique.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for comments----love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

vintage retro style toys

beautiful graphics on paper goods 1930s-40s  Exit 55

Beautiful old ferris wheel toy.

This is located Yesterdays in Alexandria

Yesterdays in Alexandria, Mn
I love collecting toys and children's books but have come to the point where something has to go.  Does this have anything to do with being a teacher and loving kid stuff?  I also saved toys my three sons played with as children and our two young grandsons have enjoyed discovering Fisher Price little people plus the airport, garage etc.  They also were smitten briefly with GI Joes until the newer flashier action figures grabbed their attention.  We try to buy things that we won't mind keeping in a collection if buyers don't see the same charm in them that we do.  I also include dolls in this grouping---guess we won't even go there, although I have been selling more lately and I think it has to do with the new craze of altered states!!!  If you're not familiar with this idea, think doll head on a tea pot, a flower pot or a kitchen tin decorated with all manner of strange stuff.  I think they're fun and fully intend to try a couple for myself!  And so it goes---another generation of kids learn to play with old treasures and appreciate their special colors and graphics.

A Wall of China

Sorry, couldn't resist the title.  Such  a cute idea to display pretty cup and saucer sets.  I saw this in a sweet shop in Kalona, Iowa called the Pink Begonia which featured antiques, collectibles, art and vintage decor and was owned by a mom a daughter.  Remember when cups and saucers commanded very high prices, particularly if they were bone china?  Not so much anymore so if anyone is thinking of starting a collection or just likes to decorate with pretty dishes, now is the hour!  My mom LOVED china of all persuasions and had a large assortment of beautiful cups and saucers.  No one ever came to our home without being served a snack with a  cup of coffee served correctly with her best china.  I am the keeper of many of those lovely pieces and my three sons actually have a few to keep as memories of Nan.