Sunday, February 3, 2013

Signs of the times

Oh, oh, did I just use a title from the song of a famous Minnesotan???  Have to admit, I was never a big fan so guess I should be forgiven for not knowing very much about such things.  I love signs because they certainly meant something at the time they were created.  From street/road signs to traffic to business to products, a lot of time often went into the creation of an eye catching colorful sign. It's truly amazing how popular these have become and how much these metal or paper collectibles bring at auctions or antique shops.  With the advent of "Man Caves" or "Mantiques" the demand for anything beer has gone through the roof.  Unfortunately, that usually means that antiquers are in direct competition with those people who are looking for a decorating item----and yes, guys are decorating their get-aways.  These special places might even be in fish houses or garage turned "cave."  Often there are signs with names of long ago businesses with  the name of the merchant, or Doctors and Dentists marking their locations.  Today we see digital flashing signs on bill boards or the side of buses or on benches where people gather for conversation or waiting.  I once hit a mother load of signs when cleaning out a shed on my father's farm.  How many times had I walked over them as I inspected drawers and high shelves or turned over cans of nails and tools?  One day I looked down and saw a bright color just under my foot and immediately knew what it was, since I had sold several in years past----and I bought them at auctions.  These even had the name of a local merchant.  Wow, what more could I ask?  Obviously, we sold them too cheap since we came across several near the twin cities marked up about three times more than what we had priced them!  Of course, since they were still in the shop, maybe they would eventually be marked down.  Guess that's the fun of the hunt and one never knows what's right in front of their face or under foot------------
popular farm seed product.

Customer recognized his neighbor!

Once knew a Dr. Barr, but don't think this one is related.

Wonderful original Red Cross recruitment sign.

Travel along parts of the original Abecrombie Trail

Just for fun garden sign.

 Fill in the blank-----how many miles to go?

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