Sunday, September 15, 2013

School Days School Days.......

I come from a background of school teachers;  all strong women, who blazed a trail for me even though I came to the profession kicking and exclaiming that I wanted to do something else with my life!  Of course, at one time I worked 10 years in a museum, which called upon my educational training  and certainly being a history buff who loves geneology , finds me broadening my horizons and using teaching skills once again.  So, it only seems proper that I am attracted to vintage teaching supplies, books, pictures and certainly artifacts that are unusual as well as rare.  Recently, on a hunt and gather road trip, I discovered an intriguing item that decidedly had to come home with me.  I found a copyright date of 1895 and made by Powers Brothers, probably for the wood case device.  The various lesson sheets have a variety of dates, including one for 1913.   I searched the internet looking for info to help identify it and found one source that called it a child's portable wood school desk.  AHA---this made sense since it has a scroll down set of instructional lessons that include shorthand, alphabet, cursive writing, electrical symbols , business forms, shorthand, telegraphic codes and other topics  that I am hesitant about trying to  access since there is the beginning of a rip in one section.  There are springs on either side with an old piece of  chalk in the coils, a part in front that looks as though it would hold a small book or note book and wires at either side that probably were connected to a drop down lid or cover.  But wait a minute!  How many "children" do you think would be studying such advanced lessons or even be introduced to them in elementary school?  Conundrum for sure.  Now I will need to do further research to see if I can find more detailed info on this intriguing piece of educational history.  If any of you readers of this blog can help me out, please feel free to comment.....let's solve this mystery!

An old crusty US map is still attached to the back of the unit.

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