Monday, July 7, 2014

Old Stuff $3..00

Usually,  I don't have a lot of luck at garage sales but every now and then I find treasures or other good stuff at estate sales.  Recently, my daughter in law and I managed to "escape" while grandpa was in charge of the grandsons,  and stopped at a few neighborhood sales that included one that was advertised as an estate.  These days we head for the garage and basement since the garden and industrial goods seem to be what customers in antique shops are looking for. (if you've read my biography, you know that we have space in three locations!)   Eventually we perused the main floor before heading up to the bedroom area.  I just happened to scan one of the tables and found a little box marked "old stuff"  $3.00.  I could see clearly through the plastic cover that there were some little treasures to be had-------tiny pin back and lapel pins.  I really didn't open the box  to look at each one but just handed it to the lady in charge and asked her to add it to my little pile of goodies.  Later at home, I checked out my little treasures and I can only say they reminded me of my grandmother.  I have her sewing machine and years ago I found similar little buttons from WWI and II  era in the drawers.  I have to wonder where these latest pins lived and if they also might have been tossed  in a grandma's sewing machine drawer until the owner or the relatives had the responsibility of selling a life time accumulation of wonderful goods.  There are several buttons which I found particularly charming:  the little goat which you can see in the top left hand side which reads "you can't get my goat" ,  For the boys over there and the sweet little oval framed photo of a young lady.  The photo pin is similar to one I have of my Grandpa George which is in my box of special keepsakes of memories.  I think that little box of old stuff that cost  $3.00 was a real treasure!

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  1. My dear grandma passed away and left me her porcelain doll collectibles. They are beautiful. Every time I went over I would clean and play with them. I am glad she remembered I enjoyed that. I'm glad I get to keep them to remember my grandma.